Zhuoer even chase three goals to meet the 6 war Shen Xin fir

2017-10-16 15:17 Pearly Pace

With the captain Yao Hanlin in the first 92 minutes of the lore, Wuhan Zhuoer yesterday at home two times behind the case of miraculously defeated Shanghai Shenxin team, which is the two teams since the 2013 season since 6 confrontation in Wuhan Zhuoer First victory. After the game, coach Chen Yang said that the team can not lose confidence in the backward, go all out to win the game, worthy of praise.
Twice behind Zhang Yaokun two send "gift"
In the history of the confrontation, Wuhan Zhuoer had with Shanghai Shenxin 5 times, 1 level 4 negative, can be described as miserable. So the game before the coach Chen Yang made a strong defense in the case of scoring for the goal and victory. However, counterproductive, the first 27 minutes, Shen Xin team after the long pass attack, the Secretary dragged Zhongwei Zhang Yaokun even kick off the kick, give Shenxin striker Pan Chaoran a single pole ball, which naturally did not hesitate to smile , The field score rewritten as 1: 0.
In the Mooreluo will score equalizer, the Drow team defense line in the first half of the time to make a big mistake again, is still Zhang Yao Kun because the former pressure is too slow, was Pan Chaoran offside success, the latter once again single ball into, Shen Xin team in the game twice the lead.
Twice equalized Moreira to show "thigh" character
Match the first day of the tournament before the tournament back to Wuhan Moreira yesterday to reproduce the "thigh" character. He first in the case of a team behind the ball with personal ability to reach the restricted area after the lob shot Shenxin team succeeded, the score at 1: 1 level. Soon after the opening of the second half, the bench played Samir to win a free kick, Moreira a mind, "World Wave" so that Shen Xin team goalkeeper beyond, the second time the game equalizer. Up to now, Moreira has been in 28 games for Wuhan Zhuoer scored 22 goals, and Shenzhen team striker Prescad tied for the top spot.
Time-of-day killer Yao Hanlin long shot and then succeeded
In fact, in the second half yesterday, Wuhan Zhuoer played very passive, Shen Xin team in physical fitness and status should be stronger than Zhuoer team, but in the game into the injury time of the first 2 minutes, Suddenly broke out. A wave of attack caused by Shenxun team in front of chaos, tomorrow's dispute lead to Shen Xin team defender kick the ball to the big restricted area before the captain Yao Hanlin alert foot long shot, the ball jumped into Shenxin team nest, Wuhan Zhuo Seoul won the race at the last minute. This is also Yao Hanlin three consecutive goals, his goal this year has reached six.