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2017-10-16 15:16 Pearly Pace

After two weeks later, the Super League rekindled the war this weekend. In the title race on the road, the Shanghai Hong Kong to the defending champion Guangzhou Hengda brought great pressure, and in the relegation zone, Tianjin Yili, Yanbian Fu De and Liaoning new three points after the three teams in the last few rounds of the game How to try to win the posture, but also let each team confrontation with them a big headache.
In fact, the relegation team in the last few rounds burst out unimaginable huge energy is not surprising - Tianjin Yili home to 1: 5 big score lost to Changchun Yatai, followed by 4: 1 victory over AFC level City opponents Tianjin right, attracted the outside world "tacit ball" a lot of speculation. Another example is Yanbian Fu De is in the road draw in Beijing in the He Guoan and Shandong Luneng, then at home 1: 0 Lectra relegation rivals Liaoning open new, only 3 games almost got the whole season points 1/4, efficiency The high amazing
It is precisely in order to prevent the last three rounds of the Super League may be "abnormal phenomenon", the Chinese Football Association held in Beijing this week, "professional league tournament management work conference" to the club and the Division once again stressed the race race problem, and said the Chinese Football Association And the super company will be associated with the relevant departments of the remaining events of the event "real-time monitoring", "once found to violate the sports ethical and fair competition in the spirit of the behavior will be severely dealt with, never tolerate."
Although the actual management of the Super League, the Chinese Football Association in the security authority or after the game evidence is limited, but within its capacity, the Chinese Football Association still hope that the league can be successfully ending, to speed up the progress of this work, with the International Foot The relevant departments to coordinate the introduction of multiple groups of European and American referees to complete the last three rounds of competition law enforcement, and said the original in the 2018 season enabled "video assistant referee" technology, will also be the first part of the season the first pilot.
The current round of the game, Tianjin, right home and Shandong Luneng match referee from Sweden, the referee Eriksson in 2002 to become an international referee in 2010 to the Swedish Football Association professional referee in 2012 and 2016 European Cup, 2014 Year in the World Cup have a record of law enforcement, in addition, there are 2013 Bayern Munich and Chelsea Union Super Cup final, 2016 Liverpool and Sevilla European Cup finals law enforcement record; and Shanghai green Shenhua home and Tianjin TEDA billion game The referee for the French Tony, the referee has included the Champions League and the European Cup, including more than 80 international competitions, as well as the U21 European Cup, UEFA Cup Cup final and the French Cup final and other important events, FIFA thinks he is one of the best referees in France in the past 10 years and one of the best referees in the past seven years.
To create a relatively fair and just competitive environment, for the Super League war and the club is of great significance - Super League in recent years has been eager to create a healthy image of social responsibility, with the top sports competition to create a positive atmosphere of social sports, But the huge interests of the dispute makes the super game of disciplinary phenomena continue to be more suitable for a moderate in the corner of the small and medium-sized clubs are also desperately to stay in the Super "gold", but also shows that compared to the rough in a league, "Super" almost Is the existence of another world.
This year's A left the last three rounds, Beijing and ahead of Chongchao, the new season in Beijing will have two teams in the super-fight, which is the true sense of the "Beijing Derby", the Chinese Football Association, Super companies are happy to see this Of the "topic of Derby", in addition to the basic lock on another side of Dalian, another quota, as known as "football business card" traditional football city, Dalian football back to the top league is also the hearts of people.
But these individual progress is more people looking forward to a comprehensive upgrade in the league - only in a league to become the most powerful support for the Super League, the Chinese football professional league system to run smoothly, and in the Chinese Football Association's planning program, the current Super, In a 16 of the club's situation may also maintain a season, the real expansion of the program to 2018 ~ 2019 season to be implemented.
According to the reporter to understand that the "league expansion" is to enhance the league in a league level of the best solution, "down two liters of three" provisions can ensure that the expansion of the expansion to 18 teams, a expansion to 20 teams Chinese football nearly five years of rapid development momentum to judge, so the scale of the event can be digested in the market. China's professional team (including amateur team) is not too much but too little, a total of 24 teams this season to participate in the second division, the game is divided into preliminaries, qualifying, finals and play-off four stages, the final Stage the first two teams into the new season in a (the club must meet the admission criteria).
Gradually in the League of Nations into the league category, is one of the symbols of China's football base of stability - known for the system of rigorous German football professional league system, the Bundesliga 18 teams 2 downgraded, the last third to participate in play-offs , 18 teams to participate in the same league, but the German football system in the C-League and D-League is an important part, especially throughout the five Division D League, each team has 18 teams Entry, and the 18 teams behind, is in-depth to the state, district league hundreds of participating teams.
So the stage of the super-end of the "strong anti-stick", and the Chinese football professional system in the absence of grass-roots level there are stakeholders - in terms of interests, Super League clubs each season about 10 billion investment is not less League in recent years with the warming is also gradually increase investment, but in the League B and League B can be radiated