Point of view: one side back to the super-foothold is diffic

2017-10-16 15:15 Pearly Pace

In 2014, in Dalian Albin will not fall when, wrote an article entitled "Dalian football tomorrow, Guangzhou football yesterday", is a few paragraphs:
Football City is indeed a talent, those players like with dew leek, days have not been bright to be kept in the vegetable garden outside the crop stubble cut away - take Guangzhou Hengda, Feng Xiaoting, Dalian people; Zhao Xuri, Dalian; Yu Han Chao, Dalian people; Li Xuepeng, Dalian people.
So many people, so many champions, but may not be able to exchange for a ticket to next year's super.
When the survival of the number one problem, the glory of the past can not bear to read the past. Such as Lu Xun said: "If the lion, boast about how hypertrophy is a must, if it is a pig or a sheep, fat is not a good sign.
Eight championships, eight pen and how? Not in silence in the outbreak, died in silence, 2014 whistle, wages, sellers, the government's silence, like the pre-planted troops and horses, roared together, to Dalian football cut into meat sauce……
To survive, to eat, long things, in Sri Lanka for the big.
After writing, Dalian Albin really downgraded, and then, "Dalian" the name really disappeared in the Super.
At that time, write this article is worried that I am afraid that Dalian will be the same as Guangzhou, into the long ice age, but fortunately, only three years, next year Super, it will re-emergence of "Dalian" The
Not Dalian Wanda, not Dalian Shide, not Dalian Albin, but Dalian side.
A strange name, but it carries a glorious history.
Once in Dalian, is an invincible division.
They are the first dynasty of Chinese professional football history, leaving a bunch of no one can break the record, the Dalian dynasty three unbeaten record belong to Wanda period. 1996 season, Dalian Wanda unbeaten record to obtain the season's A-championship; from the 10th round of the 0 0 0 0 lost to Shenhua, until the last round of 1997, 2 to 4 lost to Shenhua so far, Wanda maintained a total of 55 league undefeated; In addition, the 1994-1998 season, Wanda home to maintain a 5 consecutive years of 57 games undefeated.
1994 - 1999 "Wanda period", Dalian Wanda 6 years 4 wins the league championship, while the 1996-1998 season is won three consecutive championships. Asian Stadium, Dalian Wanda also won the 1998 (AFC Champions League) Asian Club Champions League (Asia Club Cup) runner-up. At that time the Chinese football, Dalian Wanda is completely invincible presence.
Such a glorious history, coupled with Dalian Group and Dalian Wanda Group between the thousands of strands of contact, so the party in Dalian will return to the occasion of the Super, not long ago, the news that one party should change the name to "Dalian Wanda" Campaign Super. Of course, this news is not Kaopu, about the people in good wishes, still do not want to abandon the past that glorious history, but the glory of history, can exist in the memory, but can not necessarily become a new era of labels, But you can follow this message to ask one: Dalian has won the professional league eight championships, which eight stars, which embroidery should be embroidered in the chest?
Mountain hometown around the country, the tide hit empty city lonely back. Some things, lost is lost, some things, no is no.
For Dalian side, Chongchao success, but the first step, how based on the super, will be a more difficult thing.
In recent years did not go to Dalian field interview, so do not want to rush underground conclusion. Youth training, has been the strength of Dalian, I heard that although this year has declined, but the family is still to Dalian Football City heritage, and then the leader of the stimulus, the problem should not be too great.
And more importantly, lies in the Dalian side of the club's funds and management. From the point of view of money, as the text said, in view of the relationship between the party and the Wanda Group, I think this should not be too worried, as for management, this point, to leave the results to speak it.
In any case, a once the most profound football base of the city, and finally back to the Super League top of the territory, it is a good thing.
Dalian, China welcome you back.