Lijiang emergency coaching change is not effective still fro

2017-10-16 15:14 Pearly Pace

Special correspondent Wang Jiang reported on the 14th afternoon, emergency coaching hands of Lijiang Flying Tiger failed to exchange for good luck, away 1 to 6 defeat in Qingdao Yellow Sea. In the league in the last two rounds, in the standings continue to bottom of the Lijiang from the relegation line there are 5 points, relegation basically can not complete the task.
13, Lijiang club official official declaration, emergency appointment of Austrian coach Kurt Gagger for the Lijiang Flying Tigers coach. Former coach Zhang Biao stay leader, part-time coach of the Chinese team, with the new coach's training management, competition organization work.
Lijiang club provides information, 57-year-old Kurt has coached the Austrian, German, Slovakian league team. 13, Kurt directly fly to Qingdao and the team rendezvous, then immediately participate in the pre-press conference, the next day to direct the game. Zhang Biao last year led his unit success rush, the team early this season when the team leader. May 1 this year, South Korean coach Lin Zhongxian 6 team total resignation, Zhang Biao temporary executive coach, June 1 officially as head coach and leader. To this get out of class, Zhang Biao Lijiang team just played 20 rounds of the league, 4 wins, 7 draws and 9 losses, in the standings on the bottom, downgrade the basic probability of the event.