Carlo: One of the best teams in the team to thank the two gr

2017-10-16 15:12 Pearly Pace

September 15 afternoon, when the final whistle, Dalian side 2 to 1 victory over Dalian beyond, after a lapse of three years, two rounds ahead of the return to the Super League, the second round of the return to the Super League, , Dalian Sports Center of the stands boiling. However, the success is just another new start, coach Carlo declared that the next, the team also want to compete for the title.
Success: What is the most important factor?
Carlo: For me, this is a very exciting thing. On the way to success, there are two groups of people very important: first of all fans, for me, the season encountered many difficulties, many times by fans to support us, whether at home or away, in the difficulties to get such support , The team is very strong, opponents personal ability, the team is not worse than we, I feel for our team, the team is very strong, Pride, because their team is very strong, very ambitious, always with a good attitude in the training, in the effort. In such an attitude to achieve such a result, is a matter of course.
This season is very good, I am willing to compare the players as architects or artists, they use their talent and ability to complete this season, I would like to congratulate them. From the coaching staff, just according to the characteristics of the players to design, to help players improve and grow, because the game is always the hero of the players, players are dedicated to you for the wonderful game. From the spiritual level, from the sacrifice, unity and team spirit, the players do well, this season is a success.
Goal: Why should you win?
Carlo: Now it is only the primary goal, that is, Chongchao, but from the first day I came to, always instilled in the players, have ambition, always want to take the championship, because these players have the ability and talent To do this, through their own efforts to be recorded in history.
As a coach, maybe you do not know me well. I am a 24-hour always dealing with football, always the football as a life and passion, so for me, if we did not win the championship, is not a happy thing. Now we have only achieved the primary goal, if won, first, they have the ability to become such a person; second, they also have dignity, paid a lot of sacrifice and effort to reach this step. So we have to insist on two rounds of the game, the winner to get. This is my first day to want to get something.
Chinese and Western football concept of conflict?
Carlo: more difficult things, for me is more macro, because I came to China as a Spanish coach, certainly in the culture, football concept is different, but fortunately, I in different countries in Europe Work in West Asia also work, I will help in the adaptation.
In general, the Chinese football and European football is very different, I was at the beginning of the time to adapt is not very simple. I would like to thank the club chairman, because of his trust, I can work well. Players in the psychological state, the characteristics of self-demanding rigor, and the European players are not the same. Very often, is the team leader, coach, club staff, do a lot in the back, maybe I can not see, but because of their work, I can come to today, to achieve today's results.
From the coach's point of view, I am a very strict, meticulous, hope to work perfectly to complete the coach. At first, in the concept will certainly be a collision, but fortunately in the adaptation is not too laborious, able to understand each other. I am sure to go to understand the players, to adapt to the players, but the most important thing is the players are willing to understand my football concept, to adapt, to improve, to listen. So, the team in the management is not difficult.
But we have to see that this year in a league competition is more intense, many teams in the investment is very large, the player personal ability is very strong, the team is also relatively strong, but we through the same team dialogue, we made Points are the most. From this point of view, we are the best team in the league, this is no doubt. And the players in every time the difficulties encountered, all know to try to maximize the potential to play out. So, our team has always been smooth forward, and ultimately achieved today's results.
For me, the happiest thing is to work with these people in the club, and they have always been unreserved, very hard, very active, so that my work has become very simple. I am honored to be able to work with them.