One side back to the super or hung back 8 stars is expected

2017-10-16 15:11 Pearly Pace

New Express reporter Wang enemy reported yesterday afternoon, in a 28 rounds of the end of a focus war. Home to fight the Dalian side to 2: 1 victory over Dalian beyond, and the same as Beijing and the success of two rounds ahead of success. After three years later, Dalian has finally been able to return to the super-map.
In the history of the Chinese Football League, Dalian has always been recognized as the football city, not only because Dalian Wanda (Shide) is the first Chinese football "overlord", its chest 8 stars no one beyond; Dalian is the contribution of Chinese football, Super League, in a team of almost 32 teams have Dalian players, the Chinese national team has always relied on Dalian players.
Unfortunately, Dalian football in recent years the recession is very obvious. In 2014, Dalian Albin relegated, the team after the demotion is almost completely shuffled, and even the club are therefore transferred to the party group, Dalian Albin also because of this, the Dalian Shide disbanded, leading to the loss of Dalian football backbone; Renamed "Dalian side".
In 2014, the relegation of Albin makes people feel a little surprised, but most fans think that Dalian football will soon be able to come back. Unexpectedly, 2015 season, Yanbian Fu De and Hebei Huaxia sudden emergence of the sudden; 2016 season, Tianjin, Guizhou and Guizhou Zhicheng hand in hand Chongchao. In the return to the super on the road, Dalian football for two consecutive years crashed.
This season, Dalian side is no longer no longer regarded as a popular upgrade, the outside world is more bullish on huge amounts of money to build Shenzhen Kaisa and Wuhan Drow, Beijing and the red call more than one side. Is in this context, Dalian, a low-key sail. Until the first eight rounds of home victory over Shenzhen Kaisa industry, the party was really outside the attention, but it is from the beginning, one will firmly grasp the first in the league a top spot.
Before the round of the game, one side to 58 points top, leading the second person and 2 points, leading the third of Qingdao Yellow Sea 9 points. In other words, as long as the last three rounds and then take 1 point, one will be able to ensure Chongchao. Because the people and the game ahead of schedule, the final people and become the first Chongchao team, one side of the points, although higher than people, the order of the upgrade is ranked second.
With the upgrade of people and with one side, the league's main screen of the season has basically ended. It is reported that one party will be renamed "Dalian Wanda", also linked to the dominant position of the eight stars, but also news that one party will be directly renamed "Dalian FC". Former Chinese striker Hao Haidong said: "If you really want to represent Dalian, it called a neutral name, such as 'Dalian football team', while establishing a good echelon, this is really good for Chinese football!