Party chairman: and Wang Jianlin is years to pay Wanda is ve

2017-10-16 15:09 Pearly Pace
Special correspondent Tang Xiao reported on the 15th, Dalian side with a strong performance ahead of Chongchao, so that once the football to be proud of the city once again return to China's top professional league stage, bid farewell to the Super League over the past three years without Dalian embarrassing history The As one of the investors in Dalian, a low-key Sun Xi Shu finally at this moment long sigh of relief, for the first time accepted the media interview. In the face of the past three seasons of ups and downs, Sun Xi Shuang Tan three years to invest in the team's taste.
"Did not hit the previous year, a great blow"
July 2015, one party took over Dalian Albin team, since the beginning of the team rebuild and long Chongchao Road. Recalled at the time, Sun Xi Shuang said: "At that time, one party took over Dalian football is also a terrible, in the middle of the season took over the team, because it is suddenly, there is not much preparation, so was sent Wanda Shi Xueqing as general manager. More than half of the season, ranking is not ideal, so there is no development Chongchao goal, is to do their best, hit the last really have the opportunity to Chongchao, so I have some accidents.
Sun Xi double frankly, 2015 team did not Chongchao not discouraged, because took over when the team most of the main has been sold. "But the beginning of the 2016 season, we set the goal of Chongchao, the results of the final Chongchao failure, against me very large, I think I did not do well, live up to the expectations of the majority of fans I was thinking, I Since the business can be a good business, why in this regard can not achieve their own and the city's desire? Of course, the past two years for various reasons, but also led me to invest in this area is not enough, put the energy or less Some. "Sun Xi double tell the truth.
In summing up the reasons for the failure of last year, Sun Xi double straight and pointed out two reasons: management is not in place and signings are not ideal. "Last year, although we invested a lot, but the result is not ideal, on the one hand when the club has a lot of management deficiencies, I just took over the team do not understand, the team is very complex inside, all aspects of the problem; another important reason is the selection Foreign aid has a problem, when the election is more anxious foreign aid, like the team with the Bangora and Cypriot, in fact, they are not really capable foreign aid, and some domestic aid prices are also high, but the effect is very general. Said that these two aspects did not do a good job, led directly to Chongchao failure, the club has a great responsibility.
"Put 70% of the energy to Chongchao"
With the past two seasons of failure lessons and blows, Sun Xi double in the beginning of this year's mobilization will be up and down must be Chongchao "military order", and even put a ruthless, "this year and then do not Chongchao, that my old Sun's face but also not The ". Talking about the words at this time, Sun Xi Shuang said at the time is not just to express a determination, nor is it open, but because the early work is indeed in place, and he also have the confidence to say these words.
Sun Xi Shuang said that he was originally a business owner, but this year for the team Chongchao, 70% of their own energy on the football. "My character is like this, do not do it, determined to do when you have to do a good job .2016 years lost
After the opportunity, I am determined to be low-key this year and make every effort to ensure Chongchao. Chongchao for us is the biggest challenge, the beginning of the election from the coaching staff, must be suitable for our team, but also with the level and strength of the coaching staff; followed by foreign aid options. The final fact also proved Carlo's coach team is capable, Ferrari and Boli two foreign aid use effect is also good. "
Remove the team's lineup adjustment, Sun Xi double also revealed two key details of the decision to Chongchao success. "Through two seasons to understand and find the problem, I also summed up the experience, the club level first grasp the management, with management and service functions, for the team escort.Second, this year in the team wages and bonuses continue to increase efforts , In the emphasis on the basis of continuous improvement of the incentive system, which also prompted the team to form a good atmosphere, both the club and coaching staff, coaching staff and the players, from top to bottom are very united, with tacit understanding, really formed a joint effort. "
"Will reinforce the strength"
Chong Chong after the success of the Dalian side in celebration at the same time, must face a more realistic question: next year what kind of attitude to return to the super? In the face of this problem, Sun Xi double given a clear statement: to return to the future may be difficult to build the title of the strength, but the team is not just relegation, to strive for the upper reaches, trying to kick a satisfactory results. Sun Xi double said: "This year we Chongchao success, but also very grateful to the municipal government's strong support, thanks to the fans all the way to accompany, and our team after Chongchao must have action, Super League is the top league of Chinese football, each team The strength is very strong, we do not make adjustments certainly not, next year to increase the strength on the basis of the existing, go to add some internal and foreign aid.
As a result of the two parties and Wanda close cooperation, Sun Xi Shuang and Wang Jianlin two boss is also a good friend, so the community spread Wanda may be with the party co-operation team or even take over the team's argument. In this regard, Sun Xi Shuang said, Wanda Group is indeed very concerned about Dalian football, the party is also very supportive of the team. "I and Wang Jianlin business cooperation for many years, we are also more than 30 years to pay in football, Wanda as a Dalian business, especially for football, Dalian football is the beginning of the glory from Wanda, now Wanda is still the heart of football, every year to select youth training to Spain to cultivate, I think this is not just for the contribution of Dalian football, but also for the development of Chinese football to contribute.