unhappy holding 8 crown honor nothing to let Dalian football

2017-10-16 15:07 Pearly Pace

October 15, Dalian football and a "Derby" day, but also to the city's fans boiling day. In a rich content, without losing the Derby after the war, Dalian party football team officially won the 2018 Super League qualification. Three years of Chinese football top league, Dalian football back to the super version of the map, really can not say what their own heart is what the taste of children. It is worth celebrating and happy things, but if the "return to the Super" on the professional career in Dalian 20 years of development history, this is our experience after the start of another setback to start again.
There is no setback to let Dalian football give up hope! Really love Dalian football people always believe that the Dalian team will return to the super, they are also three years of dormancy through a variety of efforts for the rejuvenation of Dalian football to make their own contribution.
Dalian party group in 2015, Dalian, the most difficult when the professional football brave access and investment funds. Although the first time in the football circle, the club and the team in their own management and construction to pay some "tuition", but the amount of change or accumulated after the qualitative change. 2017 season, Dalian side team united front and played a bloody, one side of the club's management and logistics support work is transferred to a stable low-key and pragmatic, this is the reason the team Chongchao success.
Since the State Council "China Football Reform and Development of the overall program" since the announcement, Dalian football reform and development has also achieved initial results. The municipal government has introduced the implementation of the football reform program, football development planning and other documents; the city's major departments also established the Dalian City Football Reform and Development Department joint meeting system, at any time for Dalian football important events to provide logistical support; around the end of 2014, "the city Soccer work conference minutes ", the city for the professional team and the construction of young echelons to develop a detailed financial incentives and support methods; City Football Association completed the general election work, take the pace of reform of the Football Association. More importantly, even if the Dalian professional team into a league, but Dalian amateur football and youth football is still booming, still in the country in a leading position. These are the Dalian side team Chong Chong successful "soil" where.
In the new situation of China's football reform and development, Dalian Football League to the Super League issued a declaration of return, did not carry the power of the old hegemony, it will not die holding the "eight crown" honor, return to the top football league in Dalian football, To show should be their own new image.