Pearly Pace:Olympic men's basketball warm-up two consecutiv

2017-10-20 17:57 Pearly Pace
Pearly pace limited:Adjusted to the Olympic men's basketball team, the Beijing men's basketball team Fang Shuo state getting better and better.

Last night, 2015 Atlas Quartet Hunan Chenzhou station to continue, the Olympic men's basketball team in the second warm-up match to 96 to 80 easily beat the Slovenian Olympic team, which has just been adjusted from the national team to the Olympic Two players have good play, Shandong team Tao Hanlin inside the team to get the highest 20 points, Beijing men's basketball team Fang Shuo also 15 points recorded.
Russia's President Vladimir Putin is currently investigating the preparations for the Winter Olympics and the local infrastructure.

Puskov said that the next few days, Putin will be a detailed understanding of all the Olympic venues, the track preparation, will once again watch the Sochi Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic opening ceremony rehearsal work. "Putin is not the most concerned about those who are ready to wait for the guests to meet the venues and facilities, but there is still to be perfect project," Peskov said. Accompanied by Putin's visit is also responsible for the Sochi Winter Olympics preparatory work of the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Kozhak.

As the first time this year, (Pearly Pace services)selected Guo Guijiao team players, Fang Shuo following the national team experienced in Yunnan plateau training and previously in Ningbo Beilun closed training, in mid-May in the first round warm-up match also staged the national team debut, But in view of the national team defender position fierce competition, recently adjusted from the national team to the Olympic team.

Compared to the fierce competition in the national team, Fang Shuo soon found his position in the Olympic men's basketball team, although the two consecutive warm-up match did not get the starting opportunities, but following the first game appearance to get 7 points yesterday Of the game to get more playing time, and got 15 points.

Tonight, the Olympic men's basketball tournament will continue, the Olympic will usher in the challenges of the United States wing.

On the same day, Putin also came to the Sochi Laura ski center, with great interest to step on the snowboard slide down from the snow. Previously, Putin has been skiing many times, so the site is very familiar with. It is reported that during the Sochi Winter Olympics, two winter and cross-country skiing competitions will be held at the Laura Ski Center, but Putin's chute is not the race track.

The 22nd Winter Olympic Games will be held from 7 to 23 February 2014 in the Russian Black Sea seaside city of Sochi, and the Winter Paralympic Games will be held from March 7 to 16, which will be the first time in Russia Large winter event.
Text / intern reporter Xu Bangyin