Pearly Pace:Nemal stupid red card! In Barcelona to do such

2017-10-23 17:47 Pearly Pace

In the Barnay Maar eat such a stupid red card
Pearly Pace:Nemal had a red card for his irrationality. And this is not his first time because of non-competitive factors dyed off, and during the effectiveness of Barcelona he had eaten a stupid red card.
This morning's game, Nei Maer first questioned the referee to eat a yellow card, then foul after the body pulled down opponents were shown a second yellow card. Two completely meaningless yellow card let him under the field. At this point the team also 1-2 backward, and ultimately hit one of the Paris by Cavani free kick was absolutely opponents.
Nei Maer's ignorance almost ruined the team, and this is not his first time committed.Pearly pace limitedLast season, Barcelona and Malaga in a game, he had to eat Barcelona's only one red card. At that time the team is 0-1 behind the situation, because of his emotional out of control, the opponent knocked down to apply for a second yellow card to leave.
Meaningless action to apply for a yellow card meaningless action to apply for a yellow card
The satirical referee was punished with additional penalties
The first yellow card was also stupid in that game, and Málaga had a free kick in front of him, and Nemal leaned over the lace in front of the ball, and the referee thought he interfered with his opponent and produced a yellow card. After the media broke the news that Nei Maer in the game for shoes, shoelaces and other acts may be related to the sponsor. The second half of the horse was sent off when the referee also satirically applauded, so the suspension of the suspension, the lack of war with Real Madrid Derby.