Pearly pace limited:Test God and the king how much hatred o

2017-10-27 18:26 Pearly pace
Beijing on October 27, the pelican twice behind 19 points, with the test of God 41 points and 23 rebounds of the large double-double, the pelican on the road reversal of the king. This is the test god was traded to the pelican after the first return to the old club's stadium battle, more importantly, the test of God's empty cut good partner Anthony - Davis campaign sideline watching, so Cousins ​​a person Quietly against the old club's former teammates, thick eyebrows you have the heart?
This game for the test god and Pelican team players, like a roller coaster, like tight! Red Chicken! For the king, it is simply like the big loop and the same, what climax, about the trough, and finally Baji to the ground! Do not let the cool.
The king dare to mess with the league most likely angry big baby? The It is not simply looking for death? The face of Cousins ​​potential of the dunk, defensive players can only avoid the distance! Can not afford to provoke it ~ this note dunk to Cousins ​​to help the king to lay the victory, he is also excited to rush to the brothers thick eyebrows, the two fight chest!
Provoke the test should not mess with how terrible, that is, let Cousins ​​understand that a person can no longer empty cut, to help the team win ah. However, at that time in the king of Cousins ​​young and supple, hot, and now in the pelican, he really has a lot of convergence.
As early as 2015-2016 season, Cousins ​​had and the coach had a conflict. At that time the king against the Cavaliers in a war, during a pause, George - Carl set tactical performance of the team after a number of criticism, test god then directed at the coach roar, then see test mood out of control, Rondo also Ran up in the middle of him and Karl, trying to quell the conflict. Because the disrespect to the coach, the king announced that the test will be a suspension of punishment Cincinnati!
And Cousins ​​and Karl's contradiction eventually forced Karl to teach only 30 games after the departure, and into a chaotic situation, because they are not with the Cousins ​​and. At that time, Cousins ​​broke out in the locker room, he was in front of the players and other coaches, cursed coach Carl, said "F" at the beginning of the swearing. And as all the coaches can do, Carl can only walk away. Afterwards, Karl thought the team was too mediative of Cousins's temper.
In the king's expedition, Cousins ​​also had anger, in December 21, 2016, Cousins ​​and journalists in the locker room temper, and finally the king was a huge fine. The The
At that time the king to the effectiveness of the 7 years of Cousins ​​trading out, the test god of the king was very disappointed. At that time the All-Star Game was not over, the king and the pelican on the completion of the shaking transactions, the latter only Buddy - Hilde, Tyreke - Evans, Langston - Galloway and a 2017 first round Signed in exchange for the All-Star Center Cowins and Omega - Casby. It seems that the king has been tired of the temper of Cousins.
Let the test mentally cold, when he and his agent did not know where to go, his agent made a Twitter: we do not even know where to go, was already 11:35 at night.
Today, the face of the old master, test God does not steam steamed buns breath. Even if the first section of the game was soon the old club to spend, but the test god still do not give up do not give up, there are good friends in the field to give their own encouragement. In the field, he was an enemy three, self-cast.
However, even if the management of the king had Cousins ​​abandoned, but the fans still like the storm temper players, after all, although people are very hot temper, but also very cute!
The game, Cousins ​​with a hand to help the pelican to restore the defeat, the current empty brother brothers in the field when only for the team to win a new season had a game, and when the eyebrows end, the test god one to lead the pelican staged Reversal play, so this is called missing who is embarrassing?