Pearly pace limited:Zhang Changning Liu Xiaotong League hot

2017-10-30 17:42 Pearly Pace
张常宁刘晓彤联赛引热议 带伤出战不应成常态
Zhang Changning with injury play

The first round of the Chinese women's volleyball league debut, there have been a lot of hot topic, the former world's first main gold scene in China debut, China Fugong "New Great Wall" Yuan Xin Yue's growth is gratifying, and the two league MVP Zhang Changning state "downturn" has also been dug up behind the truth, injury is not forgiving.
Defending champion Jiangsu women's volleyball team in the first face of the military eight one women's volleyball, is also the current round of ultra-focus war. The campaign, Jiangsu women's volleyball play seems to be a little change. The team's core Zhang Changning in the first game only took three attacks, the audience is only 21 times, accounting for less than 18% of the team, which she frequently in the past season, nearly 40 percent of the offensive share is very different. In this regard, early arrival of the stadium fans are not surprised, because before the start of the game, the doctor gave Zhang Changning ankle to deal with, marked with a soft fix.
The whole game point of view, Zhang Changning trapped in the foot injury, the two pass Diao Lin Yu also try to pass her less, 21 times the ball hit 10 times, there are many passive adjustment attack, which accounted for 9 after the attack. However, despite the attack by Gong Xiangyu and Xu Ruoya share a lot, Zhang Changning in the defense is still under the impact. The first end of the end, in the face of Yuan Xin Yue issued before the area under the ball, her pace started slightly slow, continuous mistakes. The whole game, Zhang Changning a mistake up to 4 times, people think of the finals in the Grand Prix final comeback when the state of a bad pass.
After the game Cai Bin guide through the local media revealed Zhang Changning state downturn reasons, the original Zhang Changning two days before the game again sprained feet, but the face of a strong enemy, the Jiangsu new captain volunteered, and the coaching staff respect the star The player's choice.
Coincidentally, injured athletes, in addition to Zhang Changning, there are Liu Xiaotong. Beijing women's volleyball team won the first round of the popular Shanghai women's volleyball team, Liu Xiaotong the first half of the downturn suffered public opinion questioned, after the game only to find that she is also wounded, before the teammates helped her climb stairs scene is sad.
It is not uncommon for Chinese athletes to fight. Hui Ruqi pick back off the shoulder to return to the back of the game after the injury missed the World Championships, Jiangchuan with a tear of the ligament to finish the full youth group finals almost reimbursement of career. Chinese pride Zhu Ting in the 2017 Grand Prix finals wrist stabbed after a short break to return to the field, and then after the game to worry about the fans and the media over and over again that he hurt.
Zhang Changning had publicly said that the professional athletes, the injury is inevitable, so I hope the fans do not care about her injuries, the eyes transferred to the stadium. So again and again, they hurt back to the stadium, minor injuries seem to prevent the players do not seem to advance the determination.
This, foreign players and the team in many ways worthy of our study. 2017 Rasic's injury, so she missed the key league semi-finals, and even the European Championship so important national tournament, as captain she was also coached by the coach on the bench.
Of course, the degree of injury are different, but the injury insisted, although moving, but not enough occupation. The professionalism should not be an awesome warfare, but a rational choice from the perspective of sustainable development.