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2017-11-01 17:31 Pearly pace limited

Marshall and Rushford
"Mourinho was able to have Rushford and Marshall is a blessing." Ferdinand had said so. Yes, this season, Mike handsome turns to use the two demons, and achieved great results, which has become a new trick Mourinho.
The Pearly pace limited of the league, Ma Shair off the bench lore Tottenham. Back to the Champions League, Marshall replaced Rushford as the first episode. He continued the hot state in the game, in the left side of the road is quite active, frequently use excellent breakthrough ability, tear each other's defense, he is in the restricted area with their own rhythm and fake action, often the other defender play Was round and round, including the first half of the Ma Shaer breakthrough in the restricted area to win a penalty, but unfortunately Ma Shair's shot was the other goalkeeper rushed out.
"Manchester United's performance is close to the perfect, but unfortunately is missing a goal." If Benfica defender that Ma Shar was replaced, you can breathe a sigh of relief, then big Wrong wrong. Mourinho in the 75th minute with Rushford replaced Ma Charles, pull the master to play for Manchester United continued fire, the Benfica defense line was disturbed, the first 78 minutes, Rushford in the restricted area Staged a personal show, he was an enemy 3, in the restricted area is very calm, first buckle a defender, then was knocked down, the referee did not hesitate to penalty kick, Blind easily penalty, For Manchester United locked the victory.-Pearly Pace services
Marshall was named the best of the best Marshall was named the best of the audience
Mourinho's rotation of Rashford and Marshall's routines is really time-tested. In the league, Mourinho will arrange Rushford starting, then Ma Charles in about 70 minutes to play the game. In the Champions League in the opposite, Mourinho arranged Ma Shaer starting, and then in the first 70 minutes to send Rushford, then pull the master to harvest the game. Two high-speed impact of the assault hand rounds of bombing, you can imagine, right of the two guards how the collapse.
Marshall and Rushford how good, from the data can be seen. Marshall played 15 times this season, including 8 starting, he scored 6 goals assists 5 goals, which has scored four goals in the league, which is equal to his last season's all league goals. Rushford played 16 times, of which 10 starts, he scored 7 goals assists 5 goals. The two together contributed a total of 13 goals and 10 assists. Considering that they are basically at the same time appear on the field very little time, basically to share 90 minutes of time, this data has been very bright.
Mourinho's trick is wonderful. Marshall and Rushford have a very strong ability to break, and the speed is surprisingly fast, but there are some ways to play, which will make the other defender is not suited, especially in the second half replaced another After the players change the rhythm, so often in the game off the bench one of the performance better. On the one hand is the other side of the physical decline, on the other hand is Mourinho's deliberate, that is, to change the way of attack and rhythm, so under normal circumstances, the other guard is difficult to defend, after all, a person's energy and physical Compared to two people may be much worse.
Even more frightening is that Marshall and Rushford are very young, Ma Charles 21 years old, pull the master is only 20 years old, and they both are still progress every day. Manchester United's future attack line also rely on the growth of the two players.